Treatment 81 – The Quest

After some unexpected down-time, the podcast is back to a shaky start! We had some difficulties the last two weeks, but we’re finally getting to the movie we announced so long ago! And we only manage to be awful some of the time, so it’s quite an amazing comeback!

The Quest

It’s our first Jean-Claude Van Damme movie!! How is this possible?!? Yes, we finally hit the great JCVD, and hit him hard. There is much ribbing, and this movie deserves it. It’s JCVD as a 1920s vintage clown, with orphan kids as pals, gangsters, kung fu, and Roger Moore as a pirate!

TRAIN… yourself to withstand hilarity, as Matt‘s impression of an old man remarkably resembles Emo Phillips!!!

FIGHT…to keep your composure, as Kirk imitates a 30s reporter, Doug imitates Christian Bale, and Marc imitates Dudley Doright!!!

TRIUMPH… as the guys wonder about the point of this mysterious tournament, and the various ethnically-specific fighting styles of the combatants!!!

This flick is streaming on Netflix. It’s also available to rent as video on demand from Amazon. Find it in our store! Then head to iTunes, and subscribe to our podcast for next week’s show! Also, be sure to drop us a 5-star rating!

Next Treatment: We are THRILLED to find that Over the Top is now available streaming!!! Watch it now, and prepare for a fun episode next week!

8 thoughts on “Treatment 81 – The Quest”

  1. I hate saying this because NOW HE WILL THINK THAT I AM WEAK AND I AM STRONG GOD DAMMIT but man oh man is The Ringler a valuable part of the podcast. I don’t know what it is, but when he’s on it seems like everybody’s game steps up a notch. I would say he’s like Derek Jeter except that I hate Derek Jeter and… wait, I guess that makes him a perfect comp.

    Anyway, I made the mistake of working out to this podcast earlier today and two things happened:

    1. I laughed like an idiot in the middle of nothing in particular, which made several people around me think I was mentally ill, and

    2. The Ringler said something funny (it might have been the old man voice thing) that made me burst out laughing right in the middle of a final set of lifting large weights over my head. I very nearly dropped the weight onto the top of my head. This would not be quite as funny as you might imagine from cartoons, I don’t think.

    So if there’s a point to this, it is that the Ringler is still a bastard, and somehow is even a bastard when he’s being hilarious.

        1. Typical Johnny Slick to slip in how he works out with weights into his story. I’m on to your subliminals. When you talk about dropping barbells on your head, I picture the 2 1/2 pound pink ones that ladies use for speedwalking. That makes it much funnier.

          I rule.

          You’re more like AJ Burnett. *Marc’s eyes and ears bleed from sports references*

  2. i was in my basement totally blasting my pecs when i read john slick’s comment and i respectfully disagree – i didnt think this was a matt-centric episode. everyone had some really good bits. kirk knows

    tho these arent the chryslers was my favorite line

    1. Admittedly, it’s not the largest sized weight in the world, but dammit the deltoids are tiny muscles! Anyway, it’s not so much that it was a Matt-centric episode (although I agree, the voices were awesome), it’s the added chemistry when the Ringler is there. For some reason, the Ringler egging Matt MarkDonald on makes Kirk and Doug step up their games as well. I also think that maybe Matt notices some of Kirk’s off-hand comments a bit more (the “I know” line in particular). Finally, I hate to bring this up but we didn’t have to throw the tea into the harbor because of Matt Ringler whereas that’s exactly what we did with John from AMD. I mean, nothing against the guy, but the English are a true American’s mortal enemy.

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