Treatment 80 – Surviving the Game

Don’t worry, gentle listener, your wait is finally over! Yes, our own Matt Ringler makes his triumphant return to the podcast, in this episode. And, of course, we hit the ground running falling right back into our old bickering and fighting ways!

Actually, once we get to the movie, this one gets pretty entertaining. More than likely, this is because of our choice for this week’s film.

Surviving the Game

This classic Ice-T, Rutger Hauer, and Gary Busey bonanza means a film full of crazy! There’s hobo fights, dog mutilation, heads in jars, crazy recountings of fights with dogs, and drive-by tree shootings! It’s got everything!

GIVE UP… as the guys get a slow start and talk about mail, Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith, and Eminem!!!

FIGHT BACK… as Doug busts out a killer Ice-T impression that leaves the guys gasping for air!!!

JUMP IN THE SECOND PLANE… of laughter, as Matt and Kirk sing a lovely duet!!!

As usual, you can find Surviving the Game on Netflix to watch instantly. You can also rent it or buy the DVD from Amazon via our store! Then head over to iTunes and write a review for the podcast!

Next Week: We hit Jean-Claude Van Damme as hard as we can by covering The Quest!!!

6 thoughts on “Treatment 80 – Surviving the Game”

  1. You guys have actually mentioned Juice before in the Leprechaun 5 podcast, where Marc still hadn’t seen it and thought it was about a gay photographer. Weird how Ice T makes you guys think of Tupac (and to a lesser extent, gay photography).

    As for The Quest, according to IMDb Frank Dux of Kumite fame has a writing credit for it, so it really is just Bloodsport: The Phantom Menace. Too bad Sudden Death isn’t available for a Stanley Cup/June-Cleade Van Damme tie-in though.

  2. Doug’s Ice-T impression may be the funniest thing you’ll ever here in the history of this podcast. High water mark alert.

      1. Speaking of which, have you guys noticed that pretty much the funniest moments on this podcast have been when you’re racist (I’m thinking specifically of James Hong)? For that matter, this past week you talked in an old man voice for a while which I think is a form of racism as well. I think this goes to show that racism is funny because old people.

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