Treatment 78 – Bubba Ho-Tep

Well, we’re really in it up to our necks this time. We totally screwed up. See when we let our special guest, Jon Cross from The After Movie Diner podcast, join us for this episode and pick this week’s film, we hadn’t counted on him choosing a film that’s actually good! I mean, the show is called Schlock Treatment, bad movies is what we do! But Jon would have none of it. He insisted, and the result is a podcast rife with appreciation, insight, thoughtful commentary, and genuine appreciation for an actual good movie. What were we THINKING?!?!

Bubba Ho-Tep

Yep, it’s our old pal Bruce Campbell, and he’s back in what is arguably his best film (What? I said “arguably!”). He plays Elvis (or does he) and co-stars with Ossie Davis as JFK (or is he?). The battle a mummy. ‘Nuff said. Watch this film!

KARATE CHOP… your preconceptions about our show, as Jon brings some much needed credibility to this “movie review” podcast!!!

TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS… as we reveal what director Don Coscarelli said about the film in a (very brief) “Twitterview!!!”

Lean BACK AND TO THE LEFT… to take in Marc, Doug and Jon covering topics like, American architecture, fans wearing thongs, guys getting choked up, commentary tracks, and alphabetizing DVDs (it’s a long episode) !!!

Yep, it’s a crazy week, so check it out! You can find Bubba Ho-Tep streaming on Netflix Instant, on Amazon Instant Video, or on DVD from Amazon! Check out our store for the Amazon stuff. We really, really, recommend watching it, by the way. It’s just a great, fun, well done movie! And after you do that, head over to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast! More fun stuff to come!

Next Week: This time, our guest is Ralph Santiago III of the RS3Feed Podcast, and he chose a much schlockier film. We’re watching the classic Killer Klowns from Outer Space for next time.


6 thoughts on “Treatment 78 – Bubba Ho-Tep”

  1. Bubba Ho Tep is arguably Campbell’s best work since his starring role in Darkman …. As mentioned in the text intro for thhis ST podcast this film boasts a great(?) premise in that ‘Elvis’ and ‘JFK’ team up to fight an Egyptian mummy dressed as a cowboy who is killing residents of a Texas Old Folks Home.

    I was dubious when I bought the DVD of Sleepless In Seattle … errr … Bubba Ho Tep. Dubiousness gave way to vague interest and so forth.

    I look forward to see what the Schlock Treatment Review Crew™ and guest have to say about this film

  2. I loved the Bubba Ho Tep podcast with guest star Jon Cross. Well done gents. I was an extra in the movie and can tell you it was a very fun shoot. Keep up the good work – and thanks for giving the movie the respect it deserves.

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