Treatment 77 – Slugs

After weeks of horrible sequels, we needed a break. Not a break from awful movies, of course, but a break from the mainstream. And so, we decided to cover a true piece of schlock.


Yep, this is about as schlocky as you get. Okay, so the slugs effects are not too bad, and the gore is pretty convincing (and gross), but the sheer inanity of the concept makes up for all that! Add to that a cast that has some of the strangest lines we’ve ever run across, and some of the worst deliveries, and you slime your way into schlock heaven!

OOZE…with joy over Kirk‘s amazing (a.k.a. totally not amazing) impression of Matt (who is on a short leave of absence)!!!

SLIME… yourself, as Doug quotes amazing exchanges like “those are huge!” “I told you they were huge!” “Huge? They’re gigantic!!” (They’re talking about slugs.)

TRAIL… off into howls of laughter, as the guys wonder at the appropriateness of a pointless rape scene involving Skeletor!!!

You can find Slugs on Netflix to watch instantly. If you look hard, you can also find the full movie on youtube. If you’re hankering for the DVD, find it in our store in the DVD section. In the mean time, head to iTunes and rate the podcast! We need your reviews and ratings!! Then be sure to subscribe!

Next Week: With Matt out on leave, we have special guest Jon Cross joining us, from The After Movie Diner podcast! And his movie of choice is Bubba Ho-Tep!!!

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