Treatment 76 – Staying Alive

Is this still part of our series on bad sequels? We’re not sure anymore, we’re a bit shell-shocked. Sure enough, though, this is a sequel to the classic disco drama, Saturday Night Fever.

Staying Alive

Like our other sequels, this one doesn’t quite live up to it’s predecessor’s legacy. Travolta is back, but this time he’s scantily clad, sweaty, wearing headbands and loin cloths, and prancing around Broadway! It doesn’t get much better than this, folks!

WORK IT… as the Doug and Kirk talk about the double meaning behind Satan’s Alley!!!

CHASSE… across the stage, as Matt and Marc talk about the director’s resemblance to Kenny Loggins!!!

WIGGLE… your jazz hands in appreciation for Kirk‘s amazing Hoggle impression, as conversation somehow wanders to Labyrinth!!!

This turd is streaming on Netflix Instant, so if you’re desperate to check it out, find it there. It’s also all over Amazon. You can watch it streaming as Video On Demand, buy the DVD, or download the soundtrack! We have all 3 forms available from Amazon in our store! Then head to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast to be ready for next week’s treatment!

Next Treatment: We’re going back to some goofy horror, with Slugs!

5 thoughts on “Treatment 76 – Staying Alive”

  1. This just so happens to be one of my all-time favorite films! LoL In fact, I plan to watch Xanadu, Staying Alive and Flash Gordon TODAY!

    P.S. I don’ t mind that he’s sweaty and scantily clad in this film.

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