Treatment 74 – The Fly II

This week finds the Schlock Docs continuing their exploration of the very worst sequels to “good” or respected movies. After covering the worst sequel to a musical ever, we move into sci-fi with a follow-up to Cronenberg‘s disturbing and thoughtful remake, The Fly.

The Fly II

We can’t help but scoff at the total lack of plot, and the downright gratuitous gore. We also scoff that the strange love story, the weird character of Martin Brundle played by Eric Stoltz, and the appearance of none other than Daphne Zuniga (a.k.a. Princess Vespa of Spaceballs fame).

TRANSFORM… your otherwise dull afternoon into an amazing one as Kirk flubs the opening, Marc eats chocolate, and Matt and Doug run out of things to say!!!

TRANSMOGRIFY… your feelings of ennui as Matt compares the movie’s mutant dog to Sprocket from Fraggle Rock!!!

TRANSPORT… to a world where the ST gang argues about whether they would want to live in a world where transporters exist, but Star Trek doesn’t!!!

The Fly II is currently available to watch instantly on Netflix. If you would prefer to own this gem on DVD, you can find it in the DVD section of our store! Then, after watching this one, head to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast. That’s the best way to ensure you’ll be able to join us next week for more fun!

Next Week: We continue with a sequel to one of the greatest comedy/sci-fi films of all time, Ghostbusters 2!!! This one should be tons of fun, so join us!

6 thoughts on “Treatment 74 – The Fly II”

  1. It was great when Marc let slide some creepy personal preferences by bringing up RedTube and Kirk’s brain took the conversation off a cliff thinking Marc was talking about a dog’s penis. Good times.

    On Ghostbusters 2, I hope you bring up the scene about 4:20 in when Ray and Winstson go to birthday party and they say “Who you gonna call?” to which the children reply, loudly, “HE-MAN!!!” Classic scene.

    1. We recorded last night and weirdly, that He-Man scene came up right away. How did you know, giantbugs? How did you know?

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