Treatment 73 – Grease 2

Remember the heady days of the great musicals? Like Funny Girl, Sweet Charity, The Music Man, and of course Grease! Now remember the 80s? Remember how everything was a pale imitation of those better times? You don’t??!? Then you need to tune into this week’s episode!

Grease 2

Yeah, this movie doesn’t live up to it’s namesake. It features Adrien Zmed, Michelle Pfeiffer, and a super-dreamy Maxwell Caulfield, but still manages to be an utter failure. Apparently this surprised the film’s makers as well. Well, we tear it apart bit by bit, and try to put our finger on what killed this film.

SCORE… when Kirk unwittingly reads from his doctored notes!!!

DO IT FOR YOUR COUNTRY… when Matt accuses Marc of saying something, he denies it, then flashes back to recall saying it, proving that Matt was right!!!

WONDER WHO THAT GUY IS… when Doug can’t remember who that guy is!!!

Grease 2 is available to stream on Netflix Instant. We also found it available for digital download from Amazon…find it in our store, along with the DVD and the soundtrack! Then head over to iTunes and subscribe for next week’s episode of the podcast!!

Next Week: We continue our Bad Sequel series, with The Fly II!!

4 thoughts on “Treatment 73 – Grease 2”

  1. I hate Grease 2 so, so much, in large part because I really like the original Grease. For a musical about the 50s it’s not nearly as clean as people would think (for instance, I’m pretty sure that’s the first place I ever heard the term “pussy wagon”). For another, FUCKING CHRIST GREASE 2 SUCKS.

    And furthermore, Matt Ringler must be destroyed.

    1. (note: point 1 was about how awesome Grease is. I did not hear the word “pussy wagon” for the first time from Grease 2, although perhaps I did learn for the first time how Hollywood is a bitch)

  2. I wish Kirk read more of the “notes” that were hacked into his computer because there were some better ones on there that he never got to.

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