Treatment 70 – Killdozer

Okay, so it’s not a truck in the traditional Large March sense. Excuuuuuse us! Look, we got caught off guard. We’ll admit it freely! We ran short of decent truck movies, and we started scraping! We figured this one would be guaranteed to bring us out of our boring truck-movie funk!


We were wrong. We know that now. I mean, with a name like “Killdozer,” you would expect a movie to be action-packed! Unfortunately, this one hangs around construction sites, listens to bad country music, and pines for the loss of Robert Urich.

CRASH… into an extra long mail-bag segment, as we try to pad out this episode with letters about the infamous wikipedia argument!!!

DEMOLISH… another truck movie with Marc, Doug, and Kirk as we find ourselves begging for the blissful end of our stupid Large March idea!!

GO ON STRIKE… with the guys, as they play a rousing game of Re-Cast It, in an attempt to turn this movie into something mildly interesting!!!

You can find the full movie, Killdozer, on YouTube. You can’t find it in our store, but you can find many other movies we’ve covered there, so check it out! Also, be sure to find us on iTunes, drop us a rating/review, and subscribe to the podcast! You’ll want to be subscribed for next week’s episode, where we’ll finally close out Large March!

Next Week’s Treatment: Maximum Overdrive!! It’s also available in full length and for free on YouTube!

6 thoughts on “Treatment 70 – Killdozer”

  1. reading Marc’s notes on the podcast reminds me of the ‘Ahhhhhh ……It’s Killdozer! Clint Walker! Nooooo!’ riff uttered by Crow in the Truck Farmer short contained in Experiment #507 [I Accuse My Parents] of Mystery Science Theater 3000

  2. Now that Matt Ringler decided to be a little wussy boy and miss this podcast, I realize what it is that he provides to the show:

    – He has a lower voice, which really “mixes things up” with the higher-pitched Marc and Kirk. Seriously, without Matt it’s like listening to a bunch of girls. And Doug.More accurately, like listening to two guys with slightly higher pitched than normal voices and one guy with a deeper voice, whereas with Matt Ringler on it’s like listening to two guys with slightly higher pitched voices, one guy with a fairly average baritone, and one guy with a slightly deeper than average voice. There is probably some very scientific reason as to why this is a more ideal voice configuration.

    – It is sometimes necessary to know the face of true evil in order to understand what good is.

    – There was not a single “Encino Man” reference in this entire episode.

    – Okay, fine. It MAY be possible that one more voice here, especially one as proficient in the funny as the Ringler, may have helped everyone enjoy a truly horrible movie a lot more. He’s still a known Dutch anarchist.

    Anyway… please come back Matt Ringer! I guess.

  3. just listened, i laughed at the yeardley smith mention. did you say voice of..lisa simpson?…hmmm vaguely rings a bell is that some sort of cartoo – ooooh yeardley smith from HERMANS HEAD. that yeardley smith

    i wonder if you guys are real or just squabbling quarters of my psyche

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