Treatment 69 – White Line Fever

Soldiering on with worst idea ever, Large March, we’ve resorted to YouTube to bring you yet another trucker film! And this week, while we’re still “Dougless” we had some help from our special guest Christopher Boerger of the Master Debaters Improv Group!

White Line Fever

This flick is from 1975 and stars Jan-Micheal Vincent, of Airwolf fame. It also has a few that-guys, a bit more action than the other stuff we’ve covered, implied bestiality, rattlesnake abuse, and some tough questions about family planning.

THRILL… as the mail-bag segment devolves into a discussion about 70s cartoons!!!

GASP… with awe, as guest Christopher drops some very impressive names (and then realizes he’s thinking of the wrong person)!!!

PILE-ON… with everyone as they decide to all give Marc a metaphorical crowbar to the stomach, by trying to convince him that truckers don’t use cell phones!!

You can find White Line Fever right on YouTube….HERE (since everyone seemed to have difficulty with the search feature on YouTube). We also have the DVD available from Amazon through our store! Also, please be sure to head over to iTunes and rate the podcast!!! Then subscribe for next week’s episode when Doug will be back!!

Next Treatment: We’re sticking to our guns on the trucker month, but going a bit off the highway with Killdozer!!! Yes, this famously awful film is available to watch on YouTube!


12 thoughts on “Treatment 69 – White Line Fever”

  1. I think my favorite part of this podcast was where everyone started making fun of Marc for pronouncing the word “Wikipedia” incorrectly, then him going to wikipedia.com and having the robot Wikipedia woman say the word “Wikipedia” correctly and exactly the same way he said it, and then everyone continuing to make fun of Marc for “mispronouncing” it. Most podcasts, I feel, would have a moment like that but it would end with people saying “whoa, I totally stand corrected, Marc. You were certainly right about this one.” Only Schlock Treatment has the Mr. Belvedere sized testicles to continue to make fun of a man for being wrong when he is actually right.

    Anyway, I hope Doug comes back soon because Matt Ringler is a suck ass ho who is prone to not shaving his armpits and then waving his hands in the air at crowded dance numbers while wearing a tank top. Chris was all right but I felt that he was a turncoat to the evil machinations of the Ringler whereas Doug would have stuck up for Marc more regarding the cell phone issue.

    1. Ha ha! I am used to dealing with those of a, shall we say, non-skeptical bent. You could call them “wikipedia mispronunciation true-believers.” 😉

  2. Is it my imagination or did Marc seem slightly frustrated by the end of this episode? Probably just my imagination.

    We need Doug’s relentless enthusiasm to get the podcast back on track. It surely can’t take a whole month just to record one edition of the After Movie Diner (though, before editing, it might…)

  3. Marc, don’t be mad. Matt and Chris were just jealous that your improv character “Guy who mispronounces Wikipedia” was killing it and the best they could come up with was poop rolling down hill and heavy choosings. The end of this podcast was infinitely more listenable than White Line fever was watchable, so maybe you guys should set aside the courtesy and just argue for an hour about pronouncing internet slang and what constitutes a truck movie.

  4. According to these comments it leads me to believe we should rename the show, “A Pity Party for Marc,” in which Marc gets grumpy, starts a fight, accuses everyone else of starting a fight with him, complains about how much fighting is going on, and then throws up his hands as if he did all he could do. Then Doug will show up and none of it will matter to the listeners because everyone loves him. All of this is fine with me, because Kirk has been arrested for smuggling drugs into Afghanistan and won’t ever see the light of American day again.

      1. Help me, I’m trapped in Afgahnistan, guys! It was just cough syrup, I swear! Sure it was in crystallized form, but that’s just because it’s easier to carry that way. I mean, yeah, I carry crystal meth with me into foreign countries so I can sell it to people who need it, but I’m NOT a drug smuggler.

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