Treatment 67 – Convoy

Breaker 1-9, we got a bad movie comin’ in on yer back door! Prepare to put the hammer down! Or something. This week finds us starting off our “large March” truck-movie extravaganza! Tell ’em “Large March” sent ya! (Get it?)


Yes, the first movie in our truckin’ series is based on a hit song, and the CB craze of the late seventies! And it shows. It features Kris Kristofferson and Ali McGraw as a trucker and a wedding photographer, who meet on the road. Then they end up in a multi-state chase on the run from the crooked cop played by Ernest Borgnine. Yes, that’s pretty much the plot.

PUT YER EARS ON… to hear Doug reveal his theory that Rubber Duck is basically Trucker Jesus!!!

GEAR DOWN… as the guys discuss why Rocky’s brother Paulie is now a truck driver, haulin’ pigs!!!

REV UP… your sense of humor, if you want to try and laugh at Matt talking dirty about Marc’s grandmother!!!

As always, this episode’s film in available to stream on Netflix Instant! We also managed to find Convoy available to watch on YouTube, and you can find the digital rental or buy the DVD in our store from Amazon! Be sure to find us on iTunes and subscribe to the podcast! Drop us a review, or a rating, while you’re there!

For Next Week: We continue our truckin’ theme for Large March with Flatbed Annie & Sweetie Pie!!

9 thoughts on “Treatment 67 – Convoy”

  1. According to IMDb’s trivia section, “[Convoy] was a hit in the Soviet Union at the time, as the film showed a working-class rebellion against a corrupt government. ”

    Kris Kristofferson should never have been cast as the lead in movies. He has no charisma whatsoever. Thankfully, Heaven’s Gate ended his career as a leading man.

  2. Unless you want to do another tv show podcast and cover Ice Road Truckers: Season 2, all Netflix really has as far as trucker movies is High-Ballin’ (with Peter Fonda and Jerry Reed) and Smokey and the Bandit Part 3. No Over the Top, no Joy Ride, not even Maximum Overdrive.

    And if you want to venture into Youtube territory, Cb Hustlers, the story of a group of hookers who drive a van around and use cb radio to have sex with truckers, is available, as is Moonfire, where truckers battle a Nazi in Mexico.

    1. It’s a shame Big Trouble In Little China isn’t available on Netflix. That movie is about a trucker looking for his truck, AND it stars James Hong.

      Netflix just hates Schlock Treatment.

      1. We were actually planning to end the month with Big Trouble in Little China, which was streaming right up until last week. Bad luck, eh?

  3. i thought it was pretty sweet that tarantino used the rubber duck hood ornament in death proof, i didnt realize the homage till now. a call-quack if you will

  4. The intro to this episode should have been “Welcome to Schlock Treatment, where Matt Ringler negates everything for 60 minutes.”

    Then Matt would have responded “No I don’t.”


    1. You try to sit around a table with these numb skulls for an hour and not correct all of their glaring errors.

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