New in the “Fan-Made Art” Department…

Check out this cool Lego sculpture made by our oldest (in seniority, not necessarily age) listener, Ryan!

Pretty cool, Ryan! Of course, we’re now left trying to figure out which Lego person is supposed to be which. Naturally, the handlebar-moustachioed leather man on the far left is Doug. The one on the right, wearing the glasses, must be Marc, right? Theories for the rest will be accepted in the comments.

5 thoughts on “New in the “Fan-Made Art” Department…”

  1. Just glancing at this impressive edifice I knew that the one on the far left was Doug. I think its Kirk next to him because he’s got that Canadian shirt on. Next to Lego Marc is Lego Matt (you can tell by the tiny Lego joint he’s holding).

    1. Those are impressive observations, Andrew, because I do actually own a shirt from Canada in real life, and Matt is constantly holding onto a tiny Lego joint.

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