Treatment 66 – Death Race 2000

This episode finds us blasting back into the seventies, and facing up to some social commentary. But, don’t worry, we temper that with plenty of bad jokes, boobs, and (of course) arguments between the schlock-docs!

Death Race 2000

Yes, it’s the cult classic from 1975, not the pale imitation from 2008. David Carradine manages to bewilder us by being cast in yet another role as a tough guy. Stallone chews the scenery with aplomb! And, we get to see lots of violence, nudity, and (no so) rad race cars!

ZOOM… into this episode as Matt starts us off with complete bewilderment about what’s going on in this plot, and nobody supports him!!!

SHIFT… into high gear, as everyone reveals their favorite racers, and thus allows a glimpse deep into their psyche!!!

SCREAM… across the finish line, as Kirk finishes the episode with another failed joke, and Matt sees weakness and pounces!!!

All this is yours, for the low, low price of nothing!!! If you haven’t seen Death Race 2000, you can find it streaming on Netflix. You can also find it available to watch in full on YouTube! If that’s not good enough for you, you can find the DVD in our store! Also, if you feel up to it, we would love you to drop us a 5-star rating on iTunes, and then subscribe to the podcast!

Next week’s Treatment: We kick of our theme month of Large March (get it?), where we cover a fleet of truck-drivin’ movies, with the classic CONVOY!

3 thoughts on “Treatment 66 – Death Race 2000”

  1. dear friends of mine

    i think whether machine gun joe took the turn off was at the emotional core of the movie. the smeagol/gollum argument scene in the two towers totally ripped it off

    sophie’s choice too

    good podcast despite those meddling French who kidnap kirk every other week

  2. I’m still too messed up from Breakin’ 2, so I don’t think I can handle a move based on a song just yet. Instead I’m going to watch the Christmas episode of King of the Hill where Hank and the gang rent a big rig to drive some furniture to Hank’s mom in Arizona (entitled “Livin’ on Reds, Vitamin C and Propane”), so can you mention every once and a while how you can’t understand Boonhauer’s voice.

    There’s even a song about a Christmas convoy at the end with a slide guitar, so it isn’t that far off.

  3. Another entertaining episode guys. I haven’t seen Death Race 2000, but now I want to. Roger Ebert gave the film zero stars in his review, deriding it as being in “poor taste, unnecessarily gratuitous in both nudity and violence.” It sounds like a really good movie.

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