Treatment 64 – Congo

Oof! We are a titch late with this week’s episode. We’ve had nothing but problems. First, we’re in the process of changing hosts, so we hope this will mean faster load times in the future. That took some time for the switch to propagate. Second, we had a bit of a screw-up in the microphone department, so the audio is AWFUL this week! Apologies in advance for that.

Of course, the episode with the screwed-up audio  would have to be this one, because this is one FUN movie to talk about!


Yep, it’s Jurassic Park‘s smaller, stupider, younger brother. This movie wanted to be so much, and failed in so many ways. We have fake apes galore, even faker accents, and tons of pointless plot points. We also have the return of Ernie Hudson and Tim Curry, plus a too-short appearance by Bruce Campbell!

THRILL…as Marc awards the ERJ Award to Amy, the talking gorilla!!!

WONDER…at the Matt’s horrific hypothesis about Dr. Peter’s relationship with Amy the talking gorilla!!!

GASP… in amazement, as Kirk and Doug take Matt’s point to it’s logical conclusion in horrible and disgusting ways!!!

As always, this week’s film is available streaming on Netflix Instant. If you really want to torture yourself with Congo, try there! Or go to our store, where you’ll find it available to rent or buy from Amazon, along with a complete library of all the movies we’ve covered! Also, please remember to head over to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast, so you can be sure to hear next week’s regular crystal-clear audio!

Next Week: A treat for children of the 80s, and bad movie fans alike…it’s Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo!!!

5 thoughts on “Treatment 64 – Congo”

  1. The fact next week’s treatment will be Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo is in my opinion more horrifying than anything concerning your technical issues with your Congo review ….

    I remember very little about B2EB so I suppose I should comment about Congo … oh, wait I have to fully listen to your review before I comment *grumbles*

    Do I have to? It’s in my contract? When did I sign a contract? There was a hidden clause in the legalese on the Schlock Treatment site?.

  2. I never saw Breakin’ 1, so will I be able to keep up with the mile a minute story of Breakin’ 2? I assume its more than just a ramshackle story to cash in on the popularity of break-dancing, that it has depth of plot and character development, and that Breakin’ 2 is a continuation of this story. Hopefully I wont be completely lost in it.

    1. If you are a “Breakin’ completist,” then yes, you will need to watch the first movie. Also, there is no such thing as a “Breakin’ completist.”

  3. That was a good episode guys. The sound wasn’t too bad.

    For some reason, Hollywood made a couple of apes movies back in the 90s. Aside from Congo, there was “Ed” with Matt LeBlanc, “Buddy” with Rene Russo and “Mighty Joe Young” with Bill Paxton.

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