"It's a living!"

Treatment 63 – Enter the Ninja

"It's a living!"

The great Sho Kosugi and the wondrous Franco Nero make their triumphant returns to Schlock Treatment in this episode! It’s a movie that we’ve been wanting to cover since the inception of the show!

Enter the Ninja

Yep, it’s another cheesy ninja film, and it’s every bit as awful as the other Sho Kosugi films we’ve seen. There are pointless backflips, unconvincing white ninja masters, ridiculous uses of ninja weaponry, and plenty of villains in white suits!

FLIP… for ninjas that will only kill for “good causes” and issue a “license” to ninja!!!

SNAP… the neck of boredom as the guys discuss the embarrassment of wearing a wet white ninja outfit, and the strange world of ninja sartorial choices!!!

EXPLODE… pointless clouds of smoke around the idea of properly wording one of those jokes where you say “Marc puts the [x] in [something with ‘x’ in it]!!!” (Apparently some people don’t have to make sense to get laughs.)

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Next week’s episode: Tim Curry, Ernie Hudson, and Bruce Campbell return to the show in the famously bad Crichton adaptation, Congo!!


2 thoughts on “Treatment 63 – Enter the Ninja”

  1. The fact that the guy at the beginning of this film was running around in white pjs reminded me of a video I saw years ago.

    The video showed how to be a ninja or somesuch. It used footage from at least one film in the low budget film library of a video company.

    Anywho some of the footage I saw was of a ninja wearing a gold outfit in combat with another … not just gold but shiny gold …..

    Yeah gold …. makes less sense than wearing white pjs when running through a forest ….

    1. That’s why you need Ninj-oil. It lubricates you into any situation. When you want to enter your ninja but can’t due to excess friction, try Ninj-oil.

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