Treatment 59 – Trancers

We’re starting off the year right with a film starring podcast favorite, Tim Thomerson! It’s another 80s sci-fi flick, go figure. This time he stars with the amazing Helen Hunt, though!


It has zombies (sort of), time travel, scooter chases, and having sex with your ancestors!! Yes, it’s everything you want out of a time travel film. There are futuristic 57 Chevys and antique 57 Chevys! There are gurmpy middle-aged cops getting beamed into the bodies of little girls! There are killer Santas!

DIVE…into the mailbag, as Marc catches up on mail from the last few episodes!!!

PUZZLE…over Matt’s weirdKirk puts the [insert letter] in [random word]” jokes!!!

SIGH…with relief, along with Doug, at the mercifully short length of this movie!!!

Trancers is available on Netflix to watch instantly. You can also stream it for free on Amazon if you have a Prime account! Find it in our store in the Video On Demand section or the DVD section! After you watch it, be sure to listen to the podcast and be sure to  subscribe and rate us!

Next Week’s Treatment: By special listener request, we’re covering the schlocktastic Star Slammer (a.k.a. Prison Ship)!

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