Treatment 58 – The 2nd Annual Schlockies

It’s the end of 2011, and that means it’s time for every show known to man to start pumping our “best of” and “year end” top ten lists! Of course, here at Schlock Treatment we laugh (HA!) at those mainstream fools! We also desperately try to follow their lead, and will pander at a moment’s notice. So, without further ado, here is our year-end wrap up Schlock Treatment style: an award show we like to call The Schlockies!

THRILL… as Kirk reveals his choice for Worst Performance in a Schlock Film!!!

HANG… on Doug‘s every word, as he reveals his choice for Worst Schlock Film of the Year!!!

BASK… in the glory of Matt‘s choice for Best Schlock Film of the Year!!!

There is no movie this week, so rest up. We have plans for the new year, including covering more mainstream “schlock” like some of the RoboCop entries, covering more total crap like Star Slammer, and going back to some non-traditional schlock genres like musicals and maybe even comedies! Remember, if we get enough listeners (10k), we might even cover H.O.T.S.!! So, subscribe to the podcast now, and tell your schlock-loving friends!

Our first film in 2012: Trancers, featuring Tim Thomerson‘s triumphant return to Schlock Treatment!!

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