Treatment 57 – Cobra

It’s Christmas time, and that means we’ve chosen a Christmas film!! And what could be a more Christmas-centric film than a movie about a renegade cop trying to protect a young fashion model from an evil axe cult!! And to top it off, we’re treated to an extra special visit from Santiago Claus a.k.a Ralph Santiago III from the RS3Feed podcast!


Yep, Sylvester Stallone finally makes an appearance in the Schlock Treatment catalog! And he brings a creepy axe killer, an over-the-top cult, a bunch of police stereotypes, a cool car, and a complete disregard for the judicial system! He’s joined by his future wife, Bridgitte Nielsen, who struts across the film with a cadre of goofy robots (sort of)! It’s weird, is all.

UNWRAPKirk‘s amazing penis, which gets more discussion time than this film does!!!

FILL YOUR STOCKING… with Doug‘s amazing impressions of Ookla the Mok, Strongbad, and other cartoon characters!!!

WASSAIL… some other time, or else you’ll miss Ralph Santiago guiding the Schlock crew into an improvised sketch about joining an axe cult!!!

You can, as always, find Cobra streaming on Netflix! You can also find it available for streaming rental from Amazon. Look for a link to that and the DVD in our store! Then head over to iTunes, subscribe to the podcast, and join us next week!

Next Week: Join us on New Years Eve for the 2nd Annual Schlockies and our year in review!!!

First movie of the New Year: Tim Thomerson is back in Trancers on Jan 7th!!

6 thoughts on “Treatment 57 – Cobra”

  1. I haven’t even listened to the podcast yet and I’m already laughing at Stallone holding a police sketch of a tranvestite cave man. How can you do that with a straight face (or as close to a straight face as he can muster)? If anything, that sketch is more Brigitte Nielsen than Brian Thompson.

    Oh god Cobretti, the killer is in the car with you!!!

  2. This was one of your best podcasts you guys have done in a long time! I don’t know what it was, but something was different, and it made it really enjoyable.

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