Treatment 55 -The Crow

Grab your trench coat! Put on your black eye-makeup!! Dust off your razor blades, and commence cutting!! This week’s episode is going back to the 90s, and boy is it ever depressing!

The Crow

Yep, it’s that bastion of 90s pretension, starring Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee). In this show, we touch on the strange nature of the city in this film, the strange residents, the strange pass times, and the strange powers granted to this supposed superhero. We also stray way of topic on multiple occasions, so that’s fun. Eh….what’s the point. Life is so…LAME!

SIGH… as yet another episode gets off to a rocky start, thanks to Marc‘s ill-preparedness and bad jokes!!!

BE UNIMPRESSED… when Kirk makes an insightful comparison between The Crow and The Wraith, and Matt gets compared to Clint Howard!!!

ROLL YOUR EYES… as Doug is forced to call for a break due to Kirk bringing conversation to a racial place…again!!!

As usual, The Crow is currently available to watch streaming on Netflix instant watch! We also found it on Amazon for digital rental, on DVD, and (if you’re feeling sentimental) as a soundtrack! Find all three in our store! If you’re feeling charitable, drop us a review on iTunes and while you’re there be sure to subscribe to the podcast!

Next Week: We go full-schlock, and return to TV with Gil Gerard as Buck Rogers in the 25th Century!!

2 thoughts on “Treatment 55 -The Crow”

  1. The earnest anti-drug and anti-smoking messages in this movie are just weird.

    “You shouldn’t smoke these. They’ll kill you.”

    “Morphine is bad for you.”

    Brutal vigilante revenge? That’s fine!

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