Treatment 54 -The Game of Death

Oof! I think we just got the five-finger death-punch to the solar plexus!!

Every now and then a movie will totally blindside you. You go in thinking it’ll be a fun actioner, with tons of cool kung-fu. Instead, you get a morally bankrupt experiment in exploitation! And not in a good way!

The Game of Death

Yep, it’s Bruce Lee‘s final film. And by that we mean that Bruce Lee is in it for about 10 minutes. The rest of the time, he’s played by doubles of varying success (though mostly bad). They play his character in all but the final fight scene, save for a few short clips stolen from other films.

GAPE… at the sheer balls of the filmmakers, for using footage from Lee‘s actual funeral in the film!!!

PUZZLE… with Marc, Doug, and Matt over the exercise in opposites this film is, by managing to be complicated despite having nothing happen!!!

GAWK… at the absurdity of a syndicate boss with a penchant for deadly fish!!!

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Your Next Treatment: We’re following up Bruce Lee‘s final film with the final film of his son. Yep! Be sure to watch Brandon Lee in The Crow for next time!

10 thoughts on “Treatment 54 -The Game of Death”

      1. Dylan, help me prove to them that you’re not me. They all think you’re me because you’re such a huge fan of me. We need to prove that you’re not me. Sincerely, Not Dylan.

        1. Dear guys, i am not matt ringler, i am an entirely separate entity, my name is dylan field(sometimes Dan Fielding)i have never met or even seen matt ringler in person or photographs, thank you.

  1. Well, I checked your IP address, and it says you’re posting from somewhere near Mandeville, LA. Of course, this proves that Matt is paying you to say nice things about him.

      1. I am posting from Eunice,Louisiana. You can Google it, it exists. I also thought Mr. Doug Frye was incredibly funny as James Hong, its not easy to impersonate one such as the aforementioned Mr. Hong, much less sing as him. I also give great compliment to you too Mr. Marc Macdonald, who i assume did all the editing and technical work. Mad props to Mr. Kirk Howley, for taking all the abuse he does, he does so with such dignity and grace. I really love all of you guys, and the style of comedy and play of of each other that only friends with your kind of chemistry can. Bravo!! To you all, keep it up!!!

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