Treatment 53 -The Shadow

This week is insane! We were lucky enough to convince Jon Cross, from The After Movie Diner podcast/website to join us this week. That means insightful discussion, keen analysis, and a wealth of cinema knowledge! Unfortunately, we talked him into joining us for a movie that doesn’t deserve any of this. But, somehow he still draws us into an hour and 20 minute, discussion!

The Shadow

The Shadow is based on the radio plays and pulp novels of the 1930s. It features a star-studded cast, who almost all find themselves in roles that are wholly unsuited for them. It wants to be Batman, but ends up closer to The Phantom.

CRINGE… in fear as Marc, Doug, Matt, and Jon cloud your mind with their heated discussion!!!

PUZZLE… along with Marc at good guys in evil lairs!!!

SCRUTINIZE… the formlessness of The Shadow‘s powers, as Jon notes that they are never outlined or defined in any meaningful way!!!

As usual, The Shadow is available on Netflix o Watch Instantly. You can also watch it for free on Amazon with your Prime membership. Find a link to that, the DVD, and the soundtrack in our store! Also be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and join us next week!

Next Week’s Treatment: Our first Bruce Lee film! Check out Game of Death for next time!

4 thoughts on “Treatment 53 -The Shadow”

  1. Just listened to the show, you guys never disappoint, you are tru Schlock Jockeys, and also, ive never heard of scotchwhiskey louisiana, and i live in that state. Have a good one guys!!

  2. Hi guys,

    Just discovered this and the After Movie Diner podcast, and cutting my teeth on The Shadow episode because I schedule a movie channel, and this classic has just crept into my inventory. I was going to bury it after it’s premiere on the channel, but after listening to your excellent disembowelling, I’m encouraged to build a superhero stunt around this baby!

    Keep up the four-star work!

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