Treatment 52 -Highlander

Well, here it is…the showdown of showdowns between two giants of Queen soundtracks! Yes, last week we discussed the great Flash Gordon, and decided that it was good. But, then we remembered The Highlander!


This is a classic bit of 80s action/fantasy cinema, known by many. As you’ll hear, a listener aptly describes it as “one of the longest running, unsuccessful, film, or tv franchises ever.” This film is more sucessful than the long string that followed it, and it’s not quite as eurotrashy as the TV series. It has it’s moments, though. And we discuss them in depth!

SMIRK… when Kirk teaches the art of the Christopher Lambert impression!!!

CLASH… as the guys lose their humanity and begin to identify with The Kurgan!!!

WIN THE PRIZE… as we debate the finer points of Queen soundtracks, and are saved by the man who knows everything…The Fryelander!!!

Naturally, this is streaming on Netflix Instant. It’s also available to watch free on Amazon for Prime Members, or to rent from Amazon. I’ve added it to our store in the Video On Demand section and the DVD section. While you’re there, I also added links to the Queen songs from the soundtrack (the ‘It’s a Kind of Magic‘ Album has them all) and the soundtrack to Flash Gordon!! Look em up! Then be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and stay tuned for next week’s episode!

Next Week: We’re continuing with the director of Highlander, and covering the 1994 superhero flick, The Shadow!!

10 thoughts on “Treatment 52 -Highlander”

  1. Just finished the episode, great stuff. The show never disappoints. There Can Be Only One…..bad movie podcast, may it be Schlock Treatment? I think so. Cheers!

    1. I agree, Highlander is a cult classic. So was They Live though, and that was a great episode, so who cares if it isn’t “Schlock.”

      Since Sean Connery is topical for this episode, when will Zardoz be on Netflix Instant? I have to assume it isn’t, because if it were, you guys would be insane not to have covered Sean Connery in a thong suit conversing with asexual immortals. What the hell Netflix?

      The Shadow, that movie is the kind of unremitting warmed over crap that Alec Baldwin seems to take whenever he was too drunk (aka most of the 90s and the 2000s).

      1. You’re right, Zardoz isn’t streaming. We’ve all seen it, I think. At least Doug and I agree that it gets unbearably boring after the opening 30 minutes or so (which are hilariously weird). Not ruled out, but we kind of dread covering it.

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