Treatment 51 -Flash Gordon

And so it begins…we enter the realm of films that are basically vehicles for the band Queen. And what a vehicle it is…cherry red, tricked out, a classic and an oddity all in one.

Flash Gordon

We decided to cover this mostly because Doug is a HUGE fan of it. Naturally, we agree that it’s a really fun film. It’s campy, but not stupidly so. It’s over-the-top, but not self-conscious. It’s got one of the best rock scores in film history.

DIVE… into an episode that has Doug singing falsetto…or at least trying to!!!

DESTROY… your preconceptions about coffin design!!!

BORE… into the brain of Doug, Marc and Matt as they discuss what Queen soundtrack is truly the best!!!

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Next Treatment: We bring the Queen soundtrack showdown, by covering Highlander!

9 thoughts on “Treatment 51 -Flash Gordon”

  1. Great ep guys, this show is my favorite bad movie podcast. “Butterfingler” Ringler really cracks me up. I love this podcast.

  2. Wow … this movie has it all

    A crappily played over the top protagonist [who was dubbed according to the imdb.com page for the film]

    Four well-known actors [in 2012] [Blessed, Dalton, Von Sydow, Topol] .. okay 5 if you count the guy playing Riff Raff in RHPS in support of the lead

    A kickin’ soundtrack that makes your ears bleed

    And more ….

    My only picky point with the podcast is that I would have liked Dale’s line ‘I love you Flash, but you [we?] only have 14 hours to save the Earth’ picked on by our intrepid Schlock Treatment crew. This line was the most odd piece of dialogue in the film … there were probably others but this one stood out during the first time I had ever seen the film in its entirety which was in 2011.

    1. Didn’t we mention that line? Maybe I edited it out. It is definitely an odd & stilted bit of dialogue. I think they were trying to honor the source material with weird ass lines like that. That’s my theory, anyhoo. Thanks for listening, and thanks for the twitter mention!

  3. Great episode. I love this movie in spite of its myriad flaws. It’s nonsensical, but somehow I can completely hop on board for the ride and tune out all of its stupidities.

    Great point about “earth” being this foreign term. I had to pause the podcast for a bit whilst I laughed about that bit.

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