Treatment 49 -Night of the Comet

Ta DAA!!! Here it is, everyone! You voted for it in our Schlocktober Poll, and this is the number one pick and our honorary Halloween episode!!

Night of the Comet

This is a classic bit of 80s zombie action, even though it’s a bit light on zombies and a bit light on action. At least it’s heavy on fun, though, with clever quips, savvy characters, and a totally tubular soundtrack!

BUNKER DOWN… for our most candy-filled podcast of the year!!!

LOAD UP… on sugar as Marc, Doug and Matt discuss Smarties, Whoppers, and Mary Janes!!! (also the movie)

STAY ALERT… for references to Marlee Matlin, Erik Estrada, and Hannibal‘s cigar in The A-Team!!!

We apologize in advance for the constant unwrapping, eating, and talking about candy bars. You’ll enjoy it best if you have candy of your own to make the experience more immersive. You can find Night of the Comet streaming on Netflix Instant. You can also find the DVD in our store, if you’re inclined to own this little gem.

Also, please write the podcast a review on iTunes! We need the exposure!!

Next Week’s Treatment: Fire and Ice take two! We’re going back to the Ralph Bakshi/Frank Frazetta flick as our first animated feature!

4 thoughts on “Treatment 49 -Night of the Comet”

  1. Great show guys, funny as hell. I love listening to ur show very much. Can i get a shout out? Thanks for reading, keep the funny coming

  2. Just a suggestion for a movie, check out Meet the Feebles, one of peter jackson’s first i believe. Give it a look see, its interesting to say the least. Think an x-rated muppet show.

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