Treatment 47 -Evil Dead

Week two of Schlocktober really goes for it! We invited very special guest, Jon Cross from The After Movie Diner podcast, and he brought out the film connoisseurs in us! We have somewhat serious discussions about things like the value of remakes, sound design, and the gap between artful film-making and actual good movies. But the movie (voted in by listeners) for this week helps!

Evil Dead

It’s a classic piece of horror cinema, that draws mixed reviews from the panel. There’s also tons of trivia, and plenty of Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi love! Don’t worry, Jon classes it up, but not too much. We still manage to have pointless arguments between Marc and Matt.

BOLT… the doors against the onslaught that is the long argument about whether the Hollywood remake machine has any merit!!!

CHAIN… the cellar door to keep out the random references to Bedknobs & Broomsticks, Beauty and the Beast, and District 9!!!

AXE… special guest Jon anything about this movie (see what I did there?), as he vomits his milky, cottage cheese stream of abstruse trivia on the subject of all things Evil Dead!!!

Naturally, Evil Dead is available on Netflix to Watch Instantly. It’s also available on DVD and to rent streaming from Amazon…look for it in our store! Also, remember to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and drop us a review sometime!

Next Week: After much antici…..pation, we finally announce our first ever coverage of a bit of schlock TELEVISION! Be sure to check out Kolchak: The Night Stalker TV Show, also streaming on Netflix. We’re going to discuss Episodes 5 & 15 in particular, about a werewolf on a cruise ship and a headless biker! Check ’em out!


2 thoughts on “Treatment 47 -Evil Dead”

  1. Wow, I can’t wait for the Kolchak episode. Why would you even try certain things with that small of a budget though? Why write a headless biker episode if the best you can do is that torso thing that is far larger than anyone’s real torso and just makes it look horribly obvious that a guy is looking through eyeholes? Why do that?

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