Treatment 46 -Creepshow

Welcome to Schlocktober, everyone! You spoke and we listened. Today, on our 1 year anniversary, we start our coverage of the listener chosen horror films from our Schlocktober Poll! The first film, is the 3rd place winner!


It’s a star-studded, goofball, schlock horror film in the tradition of old horror comics. It’s also our first anthology film! Yep, it’s got a zombie father segment, an alien plant segment, a murder by drowning segment, a monster in a crate segment, and a creepy cockroach segment. We cover them all one-by-one, and almost manage to avoid fighting with each other in the process!

THRILL… as Matt expresses his wish for the death of Adrienne Barbeau…because of her hair!!!

SCREAM… with frustration as the guys endlessly debate what’s required for something to be funny!!!

WONDER… at the amazing guest appearance by Doug‘s grumbling stomach at minute 55!!

As usual, Creepshow is streaming on Netflix Instant. You can also stream it for free if you have an Amazon Prime account! Find it on Amazon through our store. We also dropped the soundtrack and the DVD into the store, if you’re interested. So go check it out, and then join us on the podcast for this week’s episode!

Next Week: We continue our Schlocktober horror extravaganza with Evil Dead, starring Bruce Campbell! We’re also joined by Jon Cross, of The After Movie Diner podcast!

4 thoughts on “Treatment 46 -Creepshow”

  1. Doug’s stomach did that as a violent reaction to Marc’s awful Crepe Show pun.

    My favorite section was “The Crate,” mainly because of how much Steven King’s acting made “Jordy Verrill” a piece of meteor shit.

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