Treatment 45 -The Mercenary

Oh, man. This is a bad one. I mean this episode is a bad one, not so much this week’s movie. Somehow, we just couldn’t do it this week. We’ve decided to take the bold step of warning listeners to stay away. If anything, just listen to the first and last 10 minutes, and skip the rest. That way you’ll hear us read some letters, and pimp our upcoming Schlocktober movies.

The Mercenary

The film isn’t a bad one, it’s a decent spaghetti western with Jack Palance (our old pal), Franco Nero, and Tony Musante. Frankly, it’s short on schlock. Does this mean it’s too good of a movie for this podcast? Well, we’ve covered better movies, IMHO. But it doesn’t have that special combination of goofiness and incompetence that we come to expect from our films on Schlock Treatment.

WEEP… as the guys try to say something…anything…about this week’s movie, and conversation slowly devolves into a free-form discussion about nothing in particular!!!

LAMENT… as Marc denounces the evil that is Matt‘s weird pair of Charles Nelson Reilly glasses (see photo)!!

BEMOAN… the collapse of all things Shlock Treatment as Doug leaves the room, Matt shuts down, Marc resorts to hurling epithets, and Kirk tries desperately to hold it all together!!

If you are a masochist, feel free to find The Mercenary on Netflix Instant, watch it, and then listen to our show. Frankly, we don’t recommend doing any of those things. About the only thing worth listening to in this entire episode is the announcement of the winners of the Schlocktober Poll! It definitely looks like things are going to get better in Schlocktober, so get on iTunes and subscribe to the podcast!

Next Week: The 3rd place winner in our Schlocktober Listener Poll, Creepshow!!

5 thoughts on “Treatment 45 -The Mercenary”

  1. Oddly enough I remember watching this movie on British TV about 30 years ago. Sadly I don’t think I could say anything interesting or funny about it either…

  2. Now that you put out on Twitter that the secret movie came in 74 and 75, I have to conclude that it is Airport 1975, which was released in 1974 (thank you Wikipedia).

    I remember in 1976 that I defended Patty Hearst in court by claiming that the Symbionese Liberation Army had forced her to watch Encino Man over and over again, effectively brainwashing her into a willing participant in their armed robberies.

    In 1974 and 75, I think I just smoked lots of weed. Like… a real lot.

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