Treatment 42 -Hell Night

It’s back to school time, and that means a desperate attempt to come up with any movie that can be even remotely linked to going back to school!! So, finding nothing remotely worth watching that had to do with High School, we decided to go with college instead.

Hell Night

Okay, so it’s not even a back to school film so much as a fraternity flick. Whatever. Good enough. The point is that it stars Linda Blair in the role of the new pledge that makes all the guys hearts flutter! A bit of a stretch, we think, especially since she spends most of the movie dressed as Mrs. Claus!

LEARN… all about what a GORK is from Professor Kirk!!!

PLEDGE… to never reveal the homoerotic secrets of Matt‘s fraternity rushing days!!!

FAIL… along with Marc and Doug in their efforts to predict the cliches in this movie!!!

We all watched this film on Netflix, where it’s streaming. If you’re really patient, you can watch it for free (in 10 minute segments) on YouTube. Or find the DVD and the poster in our store! After you’ve done all that, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and listen as we tear this film apart!

Next Week’s Treatment: Our first musical! It’s Xanadu, starring Olivia Newton-John!

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