Treatment 41 – Gor

If you’re confused right now, you may have missed the announcement that we had to skip the Ralph Bakshi film Fire and Ice due to problems streaming it on Netflix. Then again, if you’re confused right now, it’s just as likely that you watched the replacement we chose for this week’s movie.


As a last resort, we decided to fall back to our old schlocktastic stand-by of the sword and sandal film! This one stars the one-and-only Oliver Reed, who is as eccentric, vaguely-creepy, and more-than-likely drunken as ever! It purportedly also stars our old friend Jack Palance, though he only makes a disappointing and confusing appearance in the last 5 minutes of the flick. Gor is based on a rather large series of novels by John Norman, who developed this adolescent, and mostly misogynistic sexual fantasy of a world in 30 novels (and counting).

RIP… your sleeves off and join Kirk, Matt, and Doug in an impromptu a cappella “Gor” tribute song!!!

REVEL… in the manly, manly world of manly men (large and small) who wear manly, too-short tunics!!!

ROAR… with laughter as the talk somehow leads to subjects likeĀ  The A-Team, Solid Gold, Golden Axe, and Robert Townsend!!!

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Next Week: Back to school, with the fraternity hazing flick gone wrong, Hell Night, starring Linda Blair! See you then!

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