Treatment 39 -The Horror Show

It’s week three of Lesser Siblings Month, and we got a beauty this week with Dedee Pfeiffer! Dedee is, of course, the younger sister of Michelle Pfeiffer. Like so many lesser siblings, what they lack in acting chops, they are often willing to make up for with a “can do” attitude! In this case, Dedee “can do” nudity.

The Horror Show (House III)

The movie itself is standard 80s horror fare, sprinkled with a wonderfully healthy dose of Brion James and a couple of moments worthy of Cronenberg in their weirdness! It stars Lance Henriksen as the worried cop who put away the most horrific serial killer of all time, played gloriously by Brion. There’s ghosts, and insanity, and haunted furnaces, and tentacled turkeys!

QUIVER… with antici….pation as Matt rates the attractiveness of the Arquette family!!!

POWER… your way past feelings of guilt that Marc has surrounding Dedee’s under-age appearance!!!

SURGE…with Doug through the cast of Cheers, as he begins casting House 5 through House 8!!!

You can find The Horror Show on Netflix Instant, as usual. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes…which is also a great place to RATE US!!! So, check out the movie and then join us for this week’s show!

Next Week’s Treatment: Best of the Best starring lesser siblings Eric Roberts and Chris Penn!

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  1. I just had to comment that I am listening to some old episodes. I’m currently here and I almost spit out my Coke when I heard Marc say homunculus! Have you ever seen Todd and the Book of Pure Evil by chance? lol

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