Treatment 38 -Digital Man

Week two of our “Lesser Siblings… uh… Month” is digitally constructed just for you! This week, we feature Don Swayze, brother of mister “my way or the highway” himself, Patrick Swayze! Okay, so Don isn’t the star of this picture, but we all agree he works well with what he’s given…and it isn’t much.

Digital Man

It’s the future, so of course, mankind is engaged in the oldest occupation…blowing shit up with cyborg/robot/digital people. Also, porn. Yep, we have rogue electric men, porn uplinks, towns full of the cast from Hee Haw, and 5-foot long guns!

THRILL… as the guys deftly manage to spend the vast majority of this episode talking about anything but Digital Man!!!

SHREIK… with terror, as Doug and Marc somehow break into singing “Good Thing” by the Fine Young Cannibals!!!

SQUIRM… in your seat as Matt reveals a fondness for Grease 2, and Kirk reveals a fondness for jokes that no one understands!!!

Of course, you can find Digital Man streaming on Netflix (though Chase Masterson doesn’t recommend it). Also, be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and leave us a review!! Every rating helps us to get noticed!

Next Week’s Treatment: In our continuing series of “Lesser Siblings” we cover The Horror Show (a.k.a. House III), featuring Dedee Pfeiffer (sister to Michelle)! We’re also joined by friend of the podcast, Dennis Anderson as our special guest!

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