Treatment 37 -Overkill

Aaron Norris hates vacation.

Hey, everyone! It’s the first movie in our very special, month-long “Lesser Siblings Extravaganza!” Yes, just for all you lovely people, we’ve decided to take the whole month of August, and feature the very best schlock from the very second-best siblings of otherwise super-famous actors! This week, we feature


This one stars the beefy, mulleted Aaron Norris, brother of screen action legend Chuck Norris! He plays high-strung L.A. Cop, Jack Hazard (not a joke), who is forced to go on vacation after throwing one of his fellow officers out a window during a drug raid (still not a joke). He squints and scowls his way to picturesque Costa Rica, where he almost immediately lands in prison, thanks to the efforts of a doughy computer hacker (Kenneth Moskow). Moskow is annoying enough for us to seriously consider him for the ERJ Award!

SCOWL… as listener mail reveals our wonderful pedantic listeners calling out Marc, and Marc turning pedantry into a fine art in order to defend himself!!!

GRUMBLE… as Doug discusses the finer points of mullets, beards and five o’clock shadows!!!

FROWN… when Matt attempts (but fails badly at) several impressions, ranging from an Indian version of Marc to Sean Connery, Admiral Akbar and Paul Lynde!!!

So look up Overkill on Netflix Instant, and then be sure to subscribe to the podcast to hear all the fun!

Next Week’s Treatment: Digital Man featuring Don Swayze, brother of Patrick!!

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