Change of Plans!!

On last week’s episode, in our usual manner, we revealed the film for this weekend’s upcoming show. We were very excited to reveal that our upcoming treatment would feature Ralph Bakshi’s Fire & Ice!  And there was much rejoicing.

Now, we have met a stumbling block. We record tomorrow, and Netflix Instant seems to be having trouble streaming this film. They’ve temporarily disabled it. Now, instead of rejoicing, there is much gnashing of teeth, biting of nails, and lamenting our misfortune. Fie! Fie! O pox upon Netflix for bringing us this horrible news!

But wait! It occurred to us that we could just decide to do a different movie!! YES! That is what we shall do!

So, without further ado, you movie for next weekend has been unceremoniously changed to Gor! Behold, for it features such wonders as Jack Palance and Oliver Reed!  Look for it on instant, and subscribe to the podcast to join us for the next show!

-The ST Gang

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