Treatment 35 -Howard the Duck

We’re better late than never, this week, as we roll in at the last minute (or past the last minute) with the latest episode. Yes, there were slight technical difficulties in getting this episode edited and posted…namely that my computer exploded. The good news is that I now have a new and improved computer, and we’re back in business! Thanks for your patience.

This week we welcome our first ever special guest star!! WOW! Our guest is none other than fellow podcaster, and host of the RS3Feed podcast, Ralph Santiago III (get it? R.S. III?) Ralph brings a killer sense of humor, a keen eye for schlock, and a penchant for puerile jokes and lewd humor! He’s a perfect addition to the Schlock Treatment panel! Since he’s the guest, we gave him the choice of film, and he chose:

Howard the Duck

Yes, George Lucas casts his dark shadow over the world of comic book films, too! And he does it with the help of Lea Thompson, Jeffery Jones, and Tim Robbins!

GAPE… as Matt mercilessly cracks pedophile jokes about Jeffery Jones!!!

SHRIEK… as Doug and Ralph discuss the finer points of women’s undergarments and pubic hair-styling!!!

QUACK UP… as Ralph, Kirk, Matt, and Marc try to out-pun each other!!!

You can find Howard the Duck streaming on Netflix, as usual. You can also check out our store, to find it on DVD and available to for instant rental and download from Amazon. Watch it at your own risk, and then subscribe to the podcast to join the fun!

Next Week’s Treatment: Pray for Death starring Sho Kosugi!!

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