Treatment 31- Sugar Hill

This podcast begins with an apology. It should probably end with one as well.

First, I should apologize for being late posting this. I was hoping to have it up on Saturday, as usual, but I’m away on vacation and the weather was a little too cooperative. Basically, it was gorgeous, and editing a podcast fell by the wayside on my list of things to do. Second,  should probably apologize for our most lack-luster podcast yet. We blame this week’s movie.

Sugar Hill

It was okay, don’t get me wrong. It’s actually an okay zombie flick. But it’s not quite schlocky enough for our standards. It doesn’t have any major stars, though it was produced by Samuel Z. Arkoff (look him up).

SHIVER… with anticipation as Kirk, Marc, and Doug discuss their zombie A-Team spec script!!! (copyright)

CHILL… at the thought of being eaten by pigs…and called “honk!!!”

THRILL.. as the boys discuss dirty words, and camel toe…among other things!!!

As usual, you can find Sugar Hill streaming on Netflix. And you’ll find the best discussion this movie has ever received, right here on Schlock Treatment! So subscribe to the podcast today, and join our massive fan base! Drop us a line, while you’re at it. We’d love to hear from you.

Treatment for Two Weeks From Now: They Live!

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