Treatment 30- Quest for the Mighty Sword

I hereby officially apologize for this episode.

It all starts innocently enough, as we crack jokes and chit-chat about this week’s movie. The movie is yet another horribly incompetent sword and sorcery flick, that’s made even worse by the presence of director Joe D’Amato, who I’m told also directed the famously bad Troll 2. The film is

The Quest for the Mighty Sword

It features Eric Allan Kramer, who’s actually a decent character actor. But the film itself is unsalvageably mired in an inscrutable plot, ridiculous action, and overuse of the horrible troll costumes from the Troll franchise.

All that is well and good, but as the podcast (subscribe today, folks) progresses, it slowly decays into a mix of ADD off-topic ramblings and arguments between the hosts. It got a bit out of control and for that we apologize.

GASP… as Marc throws a mini temper-tantrum when Matt interrupts his joke!!!

THRILL… at the new “crazy time” format of the podcast!!!

FEEL… Marc’s frustration when the guys make every effort to piss him off a second time as he tries (in vain) to end the podcast!!!

Yep, it’s thrilling stuff. Again, our apologies. Look for Quest for the Mighty Sword on Netflix Instant, watch as much as you can stand, and then join us for this week’s Schlock Treatment podcast!

Next Week’s Prescription: Sugar Hill (find it on Netflix Instant)

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