Treatment 28 – Graduation Day

Seeing as it’s around that time of year, we thought it appropriate that we cover a film about one of the most important stages of a young person’s life. But since 1983’s Losin’ It wasn’t available, we figured we would cover 1981’s…

Graduation Day!

I should point out that nobody in my home town ever made the kind of event out of our high school graduation that this town did. We just walked down, got the piece of paper, and then everyone went home to their various small, private parties which mostly consisted of relatives and somewhat bored friends. But, then, maybe my own experience was not up to the national par. Maybe everyone had major disco roller-derbies with live bands and gangster glam-rockers.

Anyhoo, Graduation Day, we were disappointed to learn, is a Troma release. We all shuddered upon the Troma logo appearing in the credits.  In this episode, Kirk Howle reveals the source of his revulsion for Troma films. Namely that he worked for them, for a short time. He also shares the AMAZING COVER LETTER (click on the photo at right to embiggen) that got him the job! HOLY SHIT! It’s awesome that anyone would send this to a company as a cover letter! Check it out!

WONDER… about the secret life of missing co-host, Matt Ringler, as we discuss why he’s absent!!!

WANDER… down memory lane, as Doug, Marc, & Kirk discuss recently deceased wrestler, Randy Savage!!!

WAVER… just a bit, at the thought of us actually not hating a Troma film!!!

For all that, and to hear Kirk’s Troma story, listen to the latest episode. Then be sure to subscribe to the podcast for more episodes of Schlock Treatment!

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