Treatment 27 -Ghost Warrior

We’re out just in time! If you hurry and download now, you can listen to this episode before the rapture! That’s, of course, if you’re in the US. All of our friends in Europe and Asia are already raptured…or enduring the tribulation. Hey, maybe your tribulation is supposed to be this week’s movie! It’s a little samurai movie from the 80s called…

Ghost Warrior!

Yeah, it’s got an unfrozen samurai, some goombah NYC cops (in LA), a multi-cultural gang (they always are), and an evil (for no apparent reason) cryogenic scientist. All that plus our dead-eyed heroine, a Japanese historian who thinks feeding a 400 year-old samurai Nissin Cup Noodles is perfectly legit.

PAUSE… and wonder at the breadth of knowledge our hosts display as they spout some Japanese phrases!!!

FAST FORWARD… through the part where Matt goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on….about Encino Man!!!

PLAY… along as the gang plays a spirited game of Re-Cast It!!!

All this fun on one episode of Schlock Treatment?!?!? It doesn’t seem possible!! But it is! So be sure to subscribe to the podcast and check it out!

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