Treatment 26 -Disaster on the Coastliner

A train leaves San Francisco going 125 miles per hour. Another train leaves L.A. also traveling at 125 miles per hour. Yes, it’s that old, hackneyed math problem…THE MOVIE!

Disaster on the Coastliner

Join William Shatner, Lloyd Bridges, and an all-star cast as they battle an unbalanced Bluto from Popeye who has been popping pills and playing with kittens! No, seriously, that’s what happens. Bluto is trying to crash a couple of trains, and lucky for him everything is controlled by evil computers in the high-tech world of train travel, so he has no problems. Little does he realize that one of the trains is carrying the Vice President….’s wife! Bridges draws his gun, Shatner runs across train tops, and Raymond Burr…well, he takes a phone call or two.

It’s also our first EVER Doug-less podcast, as Doug calls in sick and leaves us holding the fetid, made-for-TV bag that is this film. But, don’t worry, we get our revenge by endlessly shaming him, and maing jokes at his expense. HA!

THRILL… as Matt & Marc open the show with a bad case of the giggles!!!

GASP… as Kirk tries in vain to impersonate Doug, go to the bathroom, and imitate the movie’s soundtrack!!!

RECOIL… in terror as Marc discovers the reverb effect on the mixer!!!

Yes, it’s a much anticipated new episode of Schlock Treatment! So look up Disaster on the Coastliner on Netflix Instant, and the subscribe to the podcast on iTunes! Your very LIFE may depend on it!

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