Treatment 25 – Mother’s Day

M is for the moments of sheer madness.

O is for “Oh my freakin’ god!”

T is for the therapy the writer needs.

H is for the horrible visions of mom teaching serial killing.

E is for the end which makes no sense.

R is for the rape, rape, rape and more rape that this screenwriter somehow thought fit into the otherwise goofy tone of the movie without any issue.

Put them together and you have…

Mother’s Day

A mess of a film from Troma, of all people. But it’s not a mess for the usual Troma reasons like cheesy dialogue, and hackneyed jokes. It’s a mess because it projects the tone of a silly slasher throwaway, and the blindsides you with a truly weird glimpse into the writer’s psyche, with rape, abuse, murder, and sick incestuous weirdness.

All we can say is, if you watched this on our account. We are truly sorry. If you’re desperate to see it, it’s available on Netflix to watch instantly. Again….not recommended. But we DO recommend checking out the podcast to see how we desperately try to rationalize the choices that this director made.

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