Treatment 24 -Swamp Thing

A funny thing happens with memories. Somehow, we think we remember things so perfectly, even as far back as childhood. Then something happens that proves us horribly, terribly wrong…like watching Swamp Thing.

Yes, it still stars Dick Durok and Adrienne Barbeau. But lets just say that my standards for great cinema have risen slightly since I was eight. There’s a badly done rubber suit, a hare-brained plot, and (according to Matt) some sub-par t&a!

CULTIVATE… your Wes Craven knowledge as Kirk does his Wishmaster impression!!!

VEG OUT… as the gang discusses the logistics of growing a “swamp penis!!!”

REAP… the rewards of another episode’s meandering discussion on topics like wearing rubber suits filled with Vaseline, A-Team vs. Knight Rider, Stompin’ the Yard, and He-Man!!!

All that crammed artfully into another grand episode of Schlock Treatment! So look for Swamp Thing on Netflix or Hulu, and then check out the podcast!

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