Treatment 23- Mutant Hunt

This film settles it, I think. It may be the final proof that 80s movies were truly the height of schlock cinema, probably a by-product of the invention of video. So, if you were a faithful Schlock Treatment listener, and watched this film on our say-so…well, we’re sorry. But remember, this is for your own good! What better example of the healing power of bad movies than this film? The film is, of course…

Mutant Hunt

It stars Rick Gianasi, Mary Fahey, Ron Reynaldi, Taunie Vrenon, Bill Peterson, Mark Umile, and <ahem> Stormy Spill. I list them all, because none of them are particularly notable, with the possible exception of Captain Underpants himself, Rick Gianasi! Our movie also features “cyborgs” with extend-o arms and a nasty drug habit, many jumpsuits, and lots of random back story exposition that’s way more interesting than the film itself!

REVEL… in the glorious new sound of Schlock Treatment, as we upgrade to multiple mics!!!

ROUSE… strange feelings as we discuss the underpants fight, and the fine art of directing porn!!!

RECON… the weird and wonderful world of Matt Ringler, as he gets a call from someone called “Big Lorenzo!!!”

All this and more on this week’s new and improved Schlock Treatment! So, head to Netflix and watch Mutant Hunt, and then head to iTunes and look for the podcast to subscribe and listen to another great episode!

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