Treatment 22- Food of the Gods

Bert I. Gordon, a.k.a Mr. Big, hits Schlock Treatment this week. And he hits us where it hurts! Right in the middle of our dairy section!

Well, I guess that’s more towards the end of the film. Anyway, before America’s dairy products are turned into ghoulish potions that will make our kids into hulking giants, Bert will first focus on our *gasp* livestock and rodents in…

The Food of the Gods!!

Join Marjoe Gortner, Ida Lupino, and Pamela Franklin as they fight tons of American International Pictures interns wielding rubber animal heads! Be sure to watch for a cameo by Chicken-Boo!

CRINGE… as Kirk manages to mistake the girl in the above photo for an Asian, and engages in a series of racist stereotypes!!!

GASP… as Doug reveals a penchant for very, very pregnant ladies!!!

RELAX…and enjoy as Matt and Marc argue the science behind giant children!!!

You can, as always, find it on Netflix to watch Instantly,  and can find the DVD in our store. So check it out, and then check our the podcast on iTunes!

8 thoughts on “Treatment 22- Food of the Gods”

  1. Hey, all I was trying to say is that Asians are at the forefront of new technologies and cultural developments. That may be an overgeneralization, but it’s a positive one! My goal on this podcast is to use racism for good, not evil.

          1. Here is a screenshot of the girl I was referring to. At the end of the movie, she is the first one to grab the milk, during a shot that pans left across the table and over to the classroom full of kids.
            FOTG, First kid to grab the milk.

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