Treatment 21 -Krull

We’re back on schedule with our Treatments, dear patients! Despite having just released Hercules Against Karate 4 days ago, here is the Treatment for the one and only…


This is a fantastic film, and one we’re reticent to call “schlock.” Still, there are those who might look at it and think it has schlock qualities. Plus, I have it on DVD, and was able to watch it this week despite having no internet connection in my apartment. Happily, that situation has been rectified, and I can post this episode from the comfort of my living room.

As I was saying…great film. If you like fantasy films and haven’t seen it…it’s worth a look. It’s got castles, a princess, a heroic king, a bumbling wizard, a cyclops, and a band of thieves that includes Liam Neeson and Robbie Coltrane! There are mountains, swamps, emerald caves, and the inevitable black fortress. Oddly enough, there are also spaceships, aliens, and stormtroopers….but we discuss that in this episode.

SLUR… your speech, as you join Marc, Doug, and Matt in partaking of a little of the grape!! A Schlock Treatment first with mixed results!

TRAVEL… the world of 80s cinema, as the guys manage to talk about The Birdcage, Big Trouble In Little China, Willow, Braveheart, Naked Gun, Airplane II, E.T., Jurrasic Park, Ghost Busters, and High Spirits to name just a few!!! (Yes, they also talk about Krull.)

PONDER… the possibilities of what could happenĀ  as Doug excuses himself from the studio to go to the restroom!!! Another Schlock Treatment first!!

You can, of course, find Krull on Netflix Watch Instant. It’s also available for streaming from Amazon, which you can find in our store! So do yourself a favor and watch this one…then subscribe to the podcast and listen to us imbibe and blather on about it! What? It’s fun!!

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