Treatment 20 -Hercules Against Karate

We’re back after a minor hiatus! There was some difficulty in my getting access to the internets, what with my recent move and all. So, apologies for that. But don’t worry, because we’re taking steps to make big improvements to the podcast!

And we’re starting the improvements with this episode by having me (Marc) talk less!!! Yeah, I didn’t really get to watch this week’s treatment. It’s called Hercules Against Karate, or Mr. Hercules Against Karate, or Ultimate Pain…depending on who you ask. It stars nobody. It has slapstick humor and kung fu.

BOGGLE… as Matt explains his profound love of this movie!!!

LISTEN… as Kirk leafs through his countless notes in vain!!!

GROAN… as Marc still manages to blabber on, despite not really having seen this flick!!!

As usual, the episode is available from Netflix. It may also be available, via Amazon digital download. Check our store for a link. I just checked, it’s not. Anyhoo, it’s definitely on Netflix. So, watch this horrible film and come back and check out our podcast for our takedown of it!

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