The hero of this film...and Mark Hamill.

Treatment 19- Time Runner

The hero of this film...and Mark Hamill.

We finally managed it. We managed to catch up to…

Time Runner!!

Yep, it scuttled away from us once or twice, like the bottom feeder it is. But this time we found it, and we managed to find it before it…uh…time ran away. Stupid metaphor, I know.

Anyway, fans of sci fi can rejoice, because we’re finally hitting another film from the genre. We thought it was a bit under-represented in the schlock archives, so here you go! It’s definitely sci fi, what with being a time-travel movie and having aliens and such. And it stars Mark Hamill, and Rae Dawn Chong! Plus Brion James is in it!! Unfortunately it doesn’t really live up to even that small amount of hype.

SHRIEK… in terror as Doug opens with his adaptation of an internet sensation!!!

WONDER… as Matt confesses to his secret past as a New Kids on the Block listener!!!

PINE… along with Marc, Doug, and Matt for a film that actually stars Harry Moonblanket!!

This and SO MUCH MORE can be hear on the latest episode of Schlock Treatment! You can find this movie on Netflix as usual, or check our store to rent it from Amazon. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, find us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook!

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