Treatment 17- Black Belt Jones

Awww, yeah! It’s time…

Time for us to bring out the cool! We have another very special episode of Schlock Treatment for you this week! In honor of Black History Month, we decided we’d have a look back at one of the foundations of black culture and cinema…the blaxploitation film! Blaxploitation heroes are hip, they’re fly, and they don’t take shit from nobody! This film’s hero is no exception, it’s…

Black Belt Jones

This film was a chop-socky actioner starring 70s karate sensation and all around bad motherfucker Jim Kelly in the title role! You might remember him from Enter the Dragon. It also features Gloria Hendry, Bond girl of Live and Let Die fame, and Scatman Crothers of freakin’ Hong Kong Fooey fame (and a few more famous roles)!

JIVE… with us to the beat of this film’s funky soundtrack!!!

JUMP… on board with us as we analyze the point of a posse of trampoline experts!!!

HELICOPTER KICK… your way into becoming immune to death by cookies!!!

Be sure to check it out on Netflix Watch Instantly ! You can find links to the DVD and the awesome soundtrack in our store. Then, once you’ve watched it, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and join the fun! Hang loose, bloods….we gonna hit you up with the medicide…on this episode of Schlock Treatment!

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