Treatment 16 -Hercules

Apparently, for some, being the worlds strongest superhero isn’t enough. You have to also be mythology’s strongest hero. Such was the need of the humble Lou Ferrigno, that he strove from the time of his childhood to finally make…


But this is no ordinary Hercules film, folks. This is a Hercules “for the space age!” Which of course means muddled ideology, and giant robots. This film delivers in spades, we assure you!

GAPE… in awe as Matt recounts the tale of the creation of all things from Pandora’s…Jar?!?!

GASP… in terror, as we recount the items that Herc has thrown into space…and the horrible consequences!!!

GAZE… in wonder at the lovely Cassiopeia, who wears a dress so revealing that…uh…yeah…what was I saying?

All this and more on the very latest episode of our podcast! Download Schlock Treatment today from iTunes, or listen below!

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