Treatment 15 – My Bloody Valentine (1981)

It’s coming, ladies, the most wonderful day of your relationship (except maybe your anniversary, and your birthday, and Mother’s Day, etc. etc. ad infinitum)!! It’s Valentines Day! The day where that someone special better find a way to show that you’re someone special, or ELSE!!

It’s coming, gentlemen, the day you all dread. The day in which it’s up to you to come up with a more elaborate and romantic display of your love for that special lady than whatever it was you did last year. No pressure!

Luckily, you can both toss all that Hallmark BS to the curb and just sit down and watch a schlocky bit of 80s horror known as [amazon_link id=”B000I9W240″ target=”_blank” ]My Bloody Valentine[/amazon_link]! We guarantee that by the end neither of you will want anything to do with large, pink, heart-shaped boxes anymore! Especially not when they’re dripping with blood! So watch, and then join us on the podcast as we tear it into delightful, pink shreds!

SHUDDER… as the guys discuss the horror of a horror film made in *gasp* CANADA!!

WINCE… as Marc attempts an impression of a squishy pickaxe stabbing noise, but come out with a sickly duck!!

SWAY… with the music as we dissect the movie’s Gordon Lightfoot-esque ballad!!

This plus Matt’s rant about the metric system, Doug’s Italian film director makes a come-back, and Kirk closes out the show with another display of lightning-fast wit! We also just manage to fit in next week’s movie assignment…all on the latest Schlock Treatment!

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