Treatment 14 – Steel Dawn

The Swayz makes his first (and probably only) Schlock Treatment appearance, at last!! He plays it mighty cool, as The Swayz is wont to do, in this one.  It’s the old “aimless, wizened wanderer” meme that tends to plague post-apocalyptic flicks.  Naturally, he bags the babe, kills the baddie, and does some headstands. The film is, of course, Steel Dawn.

QUIVER… at the sight of The Swayz bathing in a mop-bucket!!!

TREMBLE… as Johnny Alucard returns with even more foppish verbiage!!!

WONDER… at the availability of 80s hair care products in the post-apocalytic wastes!!!

All that fun, wrapped  into the final “A New Year brings the End of the World” themed episode of Schlock Treatment!  Plus we welcome a new co-host, Matt Ringler, to the ST crew! Check it out!

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