Treatment 13 -Interzone

Sean Connery is not in this movie.

If you’re looking for rhyme or reason in our comedic decisions for this podcast, you won’t find them. So, let me reiterate, Sean Connery is not in this movie.

That movie is called Interzone, and there is no one of any great fame in it. There’s a boring hero, a Euro-trashy heroine, and a really weird female-bodybuilder villain with a Midwest accent! Nothing you haven’t seen before. You probably should prepare, however, to see the weirdest sex scene in the history of Schlock. Well…maybe not a sex scene, really. A foreplay scene? Seriously, 9 1/2 Weeks has nothing on this.

GASP… in awe as Sean Connery intros our podcast for no reason that makes any logical sense!!!

WONDER… along with the gang as we try to pinpoint this movie’s demographic!!!

THRILL… as we compare the two great historical periods of the Renaissance and 1986!!!

That and so much more, from our mouths to your ears in beautiful monaural sound!!! Only on this week’s Schlock Treatment!

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